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Coaching Workshops

Here is extra information for you as you work on your materials and marketing plan.

If you want to be able to access this at a later date, keep the link for this page handy.

Power Outline For More Referrals

Here’s the replay.

I was asked at the end of the workshop for an example of an outline so they could see the sections altogether. So I fashioned one I had that I don’t even remember creating – showing how easy it is to adapt an outline to a circumstance.

Pls ignore the lame cover – remember I have zero graphic skills. I just want to show a cover as part of the example.

This outline is written in “hybrid” style – which is a cross-between “formal” and “client-friendly”

Click here for the outline example

Here are the PDF Slides.

Here’s the worksheet for today:

Power Outlines Worksheet
(Word doc – can use it on your computer and just type your information)

Power Outline Worksheet
(PDF for MAC users who don’t have Word on their computers or Google Docs – needs to be printed)

Google Doc version of worksheet
(Download to use)

Inspired Emails For Better Conversions

Click here for the replay

Plus all the materials:

PDF Slides

Worksheet  (Word Doc)

Worksheet (For Mac Users who can’t open Word Doc)

Sample Emails

Creating Presentations That Sell

Click here for replay

Plus all the materials

PDF Slides

Worksheet (Word Doc)

Worksheet (Pdf for MACs – for those who can’t open a Word doc)