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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Practitioners Tools  Includes more exercises and information for practitioners

To learn more about positive psychology and tools for practitioners:

Exercise: Fun Vs Philanthropy

Copy Writing

Copy Writing Checklist

Research Checklist

Big Idea and Benefits Template

Copy Example From The Workshop:

This is the revised version of the copy writing email we did in the workshop. To see what I changed look at the original. We started working on it at the 1hour and 30 minute mark of the Part III and Part IV Video. If this were a real email – this revision would not be the last.  Try revising it again. Remove words that you do not feel sound like you. Whatever you do, always make sure you are comfortable with the words you use.

Revised Copy Writing Example From Workshop

Copy Examples:

Exercise: Print out one of the samples below. Read it out loud three times and copy it out 10 times. It is best to write it when copying but you can re-type it as well. This is call learning by rote. It will help you implant the sound, word use, flow and rhythm in both your conscious and subconscious mind. Try to do this with at least different samples.

AWAI: Wall Street Journal Letter

Amy Porterfield Email

Sophie Trudeau Email

Stephanie Hoffman Email

Not The Best Example of Copy Writing

Flo Living – Biohack Your Hormones