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It’s not the food – it’s the meal. We all want the best from our diet and we want to help our clients find the best foods for them. But how we grow and prepare the foods is as important a conversation as discussing the foods themselves. Our ancestors knew this.They knew how to maximize the nutrients available to the body with the foods they combined together and how they cooked them (or not).

TAMMERA J. KARR, Ph.D., BCHN, CGP, CNW, – is an author, educator, researcher, and clinician. She has served as a nutrition advisor to wellness programs and presented at local, regional, and national conferences. In 2016, she joined the adjunct faculty at Portland Community College CLIMB Center where she shares her years of knowledge with students in the Functional/Holistic Nutrition Therapy program. She also serves as director for National Association of Nutrition Professionals Board (NANP), organizing committees and on the Oregon Holistic Nurses Board of Directors (OHNA). Tammera’s clinical and education practice is ever-evolving to meet the needs of clients, and fellow practitioners who wish to empower others through holistic health.

A native of Oregon, Tammera is avid about spending time outdoors. She enjoys history, cooking, canning, food preserving, and exploring in her free time. She currently resides in Southern Oregon with Husband Michael, Australian Shepard Sadie, and cat Molly

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What releases iron in a cast iron pan?
What is the purpose of the red potaotes in to sourdough recipe that was discussed?
B Complex Deficiency Syndrome has been link to:

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