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The greatest gift I’ve ever received, was learning how to fix my endometriosis. I was a holistic nutritionist at the time and I was going to seminars to learn more about what I could do to help myself.

One seminar featured an OB/Gyn who laid it all out for me – the liver and gut connection and the role of the adrenals.

With this information, I understood why I had developed this condition and what to do.

That was 18 years ago. Today I know so much more, especially the hormone-gut connection. But I was able to prevent having the hysterectomy that was being recommended at the time.

I spent the following years helping other women with their hormone issues and teaching my colleagues to do the same. There are no quick fixes but with the right plan and focus on key areas of the body, improvement can happen.

In 2016, I created the Healthy Hormones Education Program and Healthy Hormones Done-For You Program. I realized my colleagues would appreciate the information I had and using the materials that I’d created in their businesses.

The DFY program is beautifully designed and includes:

  • Multiple menu plans for women, men, and menopausal women available as paleo, vegan and regular

  • Handouts, lean magnets, PowerPoints and e-books

  • Questionnaires for women, men and menopausal women

Customize and brand them as your own.

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This program gives you tools for one-on-one clients and for online programs, saving you hours of time.

Let’s face it, it’s tough enough to find clients and meet their needs. Having the materials you can use now just makes it easier to create the business of your dreams.

The DFY program is food-based and can fit with any protocol a client may be following. The education program is an option for those who feel they need more knowledge and protocol information about hormone conditions.

Ongoing support is available to help you use the materials.

This is the best step you can take to get your business to the next level.