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Publishing A Cookbook:

How and Why


 Discover the power of a cookbook to market your wellness business

Effective communication is the key to reaching your audience. It allows potential clients to see who you are, what you do and how it may help them.

The key is to reminded people about who you are, over and over again. Repetition is everything. That’s what all marketing is about. A cookbook is a simple, permanent way to remind people who you are, what you do and how you can be of benefit to them.

Picture people using your cookbook because they like your recipes. And the content makes sense to them, too. They’ll use the cookbook repeatedly, seeing your name and your words each time.

Think about what that means. Isn’t this a tool that can serve you well?

Now consider how often people will think about you. If they like your recipes, they’ll also recommend the book to others and help spread the word.

And this is just the beginning of using your cookbook as a marketing tool.

Why Should You Create A Cookbook?

  • Cookbooks are more popular than ever. Food is, and will always be, a hot topic

  • You’ve been trained to know more about food, and how to eat, than most people

  • A cookbook allows you to show what you know better than a blog post, video, or social media post

  • Books open marketing doors to give you more options for people to know you. 

Do You Think It’s Too Soon To Have Your Own Cookbook?

  • Learning how to write and publish a cookbook now allows you to start collecting what you need, so that when you’re ready, you’ll know what to do.

  • And if you’re ready now, then there are strategies you need to know to help create the cookbook you envision and save you time and money.

I’m Lorene Sauro. As a holistic nutritionist and food professional, I’ve been involved in several book projects, involving both traditional publishing and self-publishing. I have stories to tell. It’s quite a minefield out in the book publishing world. It shouldn’t be that way but it is. Fortunately, I have clear steps to share with you on how to create and publish a cookbook

My 30 years in the food industry and 20 years in the wellness profession, gives me a unique perspective to help you provide usable food and health information to grow your business. And I can help you find the best way to have your own cookbook.

“Lorene is an amazing resource for all wellness professionals! Not only is she a wealth of experience and knowledge – but she thoughtfully and generously shares her wisdom with everyone in her community to help us get in touch with our purpose and reach our goals. I really wish she had been available to me when I first graduated 7 1/2 years ago!!” 

Glenda Britton, RHN

Lorene is a trusted colleague and we have worked together on numerous projects and programs. I am always amazed at the information she has roaming around in her head and the detail she brings to her programs and workshops. Everything she does is detailed and  professional. She’s a lot of fun and truly supportive to everyone she works with”. 

Lori Kennedy, RHN

Think About Your Cookbook –

Can You Picture It?


  • Don’t be intimidated by the size of the project. There are many ways to create the content of a cookbook that give you freedom to choose what works for you.

  • You probably already have some of the information you need – but do you know how to put it together to represent you as you wish? I can show you.

  • There’s also ways to choose topics and themes that support the work you do and help you find your voice. I can help so you can make the best choice.

  • And I’ll help you understand the right way to publish your cookbook – you have options, but you need to know how the publishing world works to avoid costly mistakes.

Introducing: Publishing A Cookbook: How and Why Workshop


February 13 and 24: 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm ET/9:00 am – 12:30 pm PT

2 3.5-hour live sessions

Easy assignments to help you clarify what you may wish to do now or in the future

Practical information about writing a cookbook – learn what you need to know

Pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing – how to choose

How to determine content and theme

Upon Completion Of The Workshop, You’ll Be Able To:


1. Understand the benefits of a cookbook as a tool for marketing yourself and your business


2. Make plans for your cookbook, whether you’re writing it now or in the future, and prevent costly mistakes


3. Determine the right tone for wellness information and know how to use it in your book


4. Know the ins and outs of the publishing world so you can make the right decisions for you


5. Learn how to organize your thoughts, themes and recipes to create a professional book


6. Use the concepts and information in the workshop for other types of books


7. Know how to budget for your book and make plans that fit your needs

Session 1

Overview of the book world. Discussion of the pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing, how to do both, types of cookbooks, determining your theme so it fits what you do and believe. Going beyond cookbooks.

Assignment 1: Create a list of topics and themes that mean the most to you and help you choose what’s best for you.

Session 2 

How to avoid publishing scams, developing a tone for a book that builds credibility without going outside your scope of practice and comfort zone.  Discussion of style and content. How to organize your ideas and plans. 

Assignment 2: Create a simple book outline to help collect content going forward.

4 Special Bonuses


  • Bonus 1: Guide to writing recipes professionally for better clarity

  • Bonus 2: Resource guide for self-publishing and sourcing good companies to work with in a cost-effective way

  • Bonus 3: Marketing ideas for books to get the most from your work and make a profit

  • Bonus 4: Mind Map and Cookbook Outline Strategy to plan your book

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“Lorene is such a wealth of knowledge. Her neutral, informative, evidence based approach gives practitioners exactly the information they need to serve their clients the best. Her workshops are no different. I feel much more confident in understanding the role I can play in helping clients and how it fits into our scope”. 

Danielle Senkeric, CHNC

“I have taken several of Lorene Sauro’s programs. It has had a profound effect on the way that I deal with clients in practice. She includes practical business modules for client marketing strategies and program development to aid practitioners in applying what she teaches in her courses. I highly recommend her programs to practitioners of all levels and experience.”

Cathy Biase, BSc., RHN, CPCC

“Lorene always provides a vast amount of knowledge in an easily digestible way.  The information that Lorene provides have been life changing for me and  many of my clients, making the course materials invaluable!   My practice has absolutely bloomed! Thank you Lorene.” 

Jennifer Lloyd, RHN, CHHC

“I hesitated buying other programs out there but I purchased Lorene’s programs, confident that the information would be the most relevant and up to date. Lorene has been an invaluable mentor and teacher. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her. She is always available and active in her support and the best resource to help me better serve my clients.” 

Joanne Lapierre, RHN

“Lorene is a thoughtful and dedicated teacher that is genuine in wanting to see natural health practitioners succeed and thrive”. 

Kim L'Ecuyer, BSc., RHN

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, and the recordings will be emailed to attendees after the session, usually the next day. 

Is there ongoing support?

Yes, there is a Facebook group that you can join where’ll receive feedback and information from colleagues and myself. And I can be emailed as well. Plus, you can book a 15-minutes session at our member ATE support meetings.

How difficult are the assignments?

The assignments can be done during the session, if desired, or at your own pace. There’s no pressure. The main purpose of the sessions is to provide you with the information you need so you can think and decide what you wish to do for your business.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you can ask for a refund up until the first session on February 13.

What if I miss both sessions and only have access to the recordings?

All the information that you need will be in the recordings, and you’ll also have the support you need if you have any questions.