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Understanding Partner Marketing For Growing Your Practice

Are you overwhelmed by online marketing? Do you long for some good old-school techniques to attract clients and grow your business.

The July educational webinar/podcast is going in a bit of a different direction. I’ve asked my colleague Trish Massart, RHN to share how she set up her marketing plan for her business.

We were having lunch when she started telling me what she had done with her business and I said “People need to here this”

 It’s low-tech, inexpensive and doable for your business.

Tuesday, July 24th, 8;00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST

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Trish spent 12 years in marketing, specializing in what is known as Channel Marketing or what we are calling Partner Marketing. She’ll explain what it is and how she adapted it for setting up her practice. I’ll be sharing my observations of my colleagues doing this as well as my own experience – just didn’t know there was a name for it.