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Welcome to the past workshops section.

A Better Conversation – Workshop Request:

To have access to a specific workshop, please email and make a request. The workshop has to be triggered manually and then you will receive a notification that you have access.  It may take up to 48 hours for this to occur.

Each workshop has its own section on the main dashboard and may include videos, recipes, and other materials.

The login for the workshops will be the same login as for the membership group. You’ll just have to click the icon on the main dashboard that you see after you log in. It will be in color when you have access.

Please only request one workshop at a time.

Access to the workshops will end if you decide to leave the membership group. Otherwise, access is permanent.

Medicinal Mushrooms:

Here’s what you’ll discover in this workshop: How mushrooms have benefits like no other food and why they’re the subject of so much focus among researchers
You’ll learn why mushrooms help with energy, longevity, sleep, hormones, and more. And you’ll understand the gut health benefits that can make a difference.

Mushrooms have anti-cancer benefits, including protection from chemotherapy and radiation. Plus they help support a healthy gut and other microbiomes in the body.

Also discussed are the ways to incorporate mushrooms into the diet in many different ways so there are options for clients. And which mushrooms are best for specific issues including immune health.
Includes recipes for food and teas and a topical skin care recipe.

Simply Sourdough:

Try some of the recipes and bake your first sourdough loaf as you follow along with the videos. An ingredient list is provided. Discover how to change and modify sourdough recipes to give you the taste and texture you desire
Understand what the research says–sourdough has many beneficial properties. Discover how easily you can convert your favorite yeasted recipes to sourdough – that’s right – any recipe can be converted and taste just as you wish. Learn how to add sourdough starter to non-yeasted baked goods to provide more health benefits.

Sourdough is the subject of focus for researchers and the research has shown that sourdough can help with energy, digestion, longevity, sleep, and more
And it delivers gut health benefits. Also discussed is how to incorporate sourdough into the diet and get more enjoyment in your meals, which grains to use, and how to adjust your own recipes to be sourdough

Instructions and recipes to make sourdough French boule, whole wheat bread, rye bread, Danish, cinnamon buns, sandwich loaf, tortillas, muffins, coffeecake, pancakes, crackers, and more…

Cooking With Essential Oils

Cook alongside me to try some of the recipes and see how to add the essential oils we’re discussing. An ingredient list will be provided. Discover which essential oils are ingestible and the methods to use them for maximum benefit. Know what the research says – different essential oils have different beneficial properties

See how easily specific essential oils can be added to the diet and how to combine essential oils together to increase overall flavor especially when an essential oil has specific desired benefits but doesn’t have a desirable taste. And understand other options for essential oils that can aid the healing process. You’ll receive guidance for ingesting essential oils to enhance flavor and make the best choices for benefits, safety, and manufacturing. considerations. Plus, we discuss what to look for when purchasing essential oils to get the best quality – there are a lot of good companies to choose from.

Included is a special essential oils cooking guide as well as DFY ebooks with recipes, topical salves and lotions, and a guide for pets.

Retain The Brain

In this workshop, you’re going to develop your personal strategy to improve your brain and nervous system function and maintain them. Discover the research that can help you decide what’s best for you and your brain
and develop the simple steps you can start immediately that will improve brain function

Enjoy the exercises that will get you thinking about your life and your brain. Understand the specific areas in your brain that may be looking for your help.
And learn how your physical body is so willing to help your brain and your brain is ready to repay this kindness by increasing your physical function.

The brain is really looking to function at its best.. And you can understand what areas of your brain may need some help, by using a special symptomatology questionnaire. This workshop has everyday strategies and simple exercises that can help the health of the brain and nervous system. This allows you to create your personal strategy for your brain that you’ll be able to implement right away

Included are resource materials to take what you’ve learned in the workshop and go further to reach goals for you and your clients

Beyond Cannabis: Feeding The Endocannabinoid System

In this workshop, we discuss the body’s endocannabinoid system. We compare CBD and THC in cannabis – what’s the difference and which is best?
We look at the research and discuss side effects and benefits. Plus, what to consider with fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding when using cannabis.

Learn about edibles – is this the best form? Plus we discuss alternatives to cannabis, how to infuse cannabis or coconut oil with cannabis or other herbs (for other purposes)
​And you’ll know how to assess whether a client is using cannabis in the best way for them.

We also talk about medications and the endocannabinoid system as well as how the system works with the gut and other microbiomes.

Includes DFY handouts and recipes for clients with a legal disclaimer for cannabis plus a legal waiver for clients

Publishing Cookbook

What does having your own cookbook mean for your business? It speaks for you. A cookbook is the best calling card you can have.

A cookbook consists of two parts – a front section and the recipes. The front section allows you to tell the story you want to tell. And it lets potential clients see the value of your knowledge.
The recipes entice the senses, providing positive reinforcement towards you and what you know and do.

We discuss the publishing options that are available to you. You’ll learn how to determine a focus for your cookbook so it represents the work that you do
And we talk about how to keep it simple and inexpensive to produce.

Includes a guide to writing recipes professionally for better clarity and a resource guide for self-publishing and sourcing good companies to work with, in a cost-effective way.
Plus marketing ideas for books to get the most from your work and make a profit.

Science of Flavor

How often do you consider the flavor of foods as essential to helping health issues? Flavor is the key to the client’s well-being

In this workshop, you’ll learn how we distinguish flavor and what kind of taster you are. Discover how to pair and balance major flavor groups to meet flavor expectations. We discuss how taste and smell combine to create flavor and the role of flavor in healthy emotions and physical well-being. Plus, learn the relationship of the sense of taste and smell to the development of disease.
Flavor even affects us through various stages of life and is attached to memory.

Includes a questionnaire to help you identify your client’s flavor style and find the best whole food substitutions that they will like, plus a flavor-pairing chart and 10 flavor-balanced recipes as DFY handout for clients.