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by | Jun 9, 2024 | Product Trainings | 0 comments

Salvestrol is a dietary supplement that has proven anti-cancer properties, that is, Salvestrol dramatically increases survivability among cancer patients. Salvestrol comprises a set of compounds that are found in organic or traditionally grown fruits and vegetables. These compounds are elicited compounds that are produced when the plant comes under predation. These compounds are specifically extracted for use in our product. They form part of a larger class of compounds that are known as NESEMs – Naturally Elicited Specifically Extracted Molecules.

Dr. Robbie Wood graduated from the University of Newcastle in the UK before embarking on his professional journey. Beginning with roles in Oral Surgery and Periodontology, he transitioned into academia, serving as a lecturer in Anatomy, Oral Anatomy, and Oral Histology. During his tenure, he honed his surgical skills, specializing in Oral Surgery and the intricate treatment protocols for orofacial cancers. This included comprehensive training in the adjunct disciplines of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Dr. Wood’s dedication to his craft remains unwavering, as he actively engages in cancer research, maintaining a keen interest both professionally and personally.

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