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Welcome to your Healthy Gut Module 7 Quiz

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1. Jennifer was able to eventually eat

a) Nuts and seeds
b) Yogurt
c) Gluten containing grains
d) Watermelon

2. A good remedy for soothing inflammation especially for ulcer is:

a) Honey and glutamine
b) Honey, turmeric and cinnamon
c) Oil of oregano
d) Kombucha and beet kvass

3. Jennifer was diagnosed with PCOS and:

a) Put on birth control pills
b) Had surgery to remove the cysts
c) Was prescribed prednisone
d) Had to take anti-depression drugs

4. The following suggestions were made for Cathy’s stress:

a) Go for a walk
b) Deep breath
c) Have a bath
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

5. Poopaphobia

a) Happens because the client can control her colon muscles
b) Happens because the client is constipated
c) Happens because the client does not eat enough food
d) Happens because the client fell into the toilet while pooping

6. Cathy supported her liver by

a) Doing a liver cleanse
b) Taking milk thistle and dandelion
c) Eating liver-friendly foods
d) a and c
e) b and c

7. Diet mentality:

a) Refers to the concept that everyone needs a diet to lose weight
b) Refers to the idea that there is a segment of the population who believes they should always be on a diet
c) Refers to the idea that people think eating comes with a set of exact instructions
d) Refers to those who jump from diet to diet

8. Food Journals:

a) Show that people generally eat on a regular basis
b) Show that people do have some balance in what they eat
c) Show that people often eat incomplete meals
d) None of the above
e) All of the above

9. Compliance occurs when

a) The client pays up front for their plan
b) The client makes the choice
c) The client has a clear set of rules to follow
d) The client only does one thing at a time

10. Dysbiosis can:

a) Allow bacteria to break the bond of the liver conjugate
b) Causes scar tissue in endometreosis
c) Interferes with hormone production
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

11. The following foods help detox out excess estrogen

a) Apples
b) Grapefruits
c) Broccoli
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

12. The best supplement for breast tenderness is:

a) Rosemary
b) Vitex
c) Black Current Seed Oil
d) Milk Thistle

13. The key areas for starting to work with fibroids and gallstone are:
a) Liver and Adrenals
b) Candidiasis and Liver
c) Candidiasis and Adrenals
d) Thyroid and Adrenals

14. Chanca Piedra
a) Helps with kidneys stones, gallstones and liver
b) Helps with liver, adrenals, and intestines
c) Helps with liver, kidney stones and adrenals
d) Helps with blood sugar liver and gallstones

15. Which of the following can help prevent cancer:
a) Oat bran
b) Wheat bran
c) Barley bran
d) Rice bran