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Welcome to your Healthy Hormone Module 3

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1. To determine if a client has PCOS

a) There should always be no ovulation

b) There will always be polycystic ovaries

c) There should always be a sign of excess androgens

d) None of the above

2. Which of the following hormones is key to PCOS

a) High Estrogen

b) High Progesterone

c) High Insulin

d) High Luteinizing Hormone

3. Adrenals produce too many androgens

a) Due to excessive stress

b) As a protective role

c) Too compensate for what is not being made in the gonads

d) A and C

e) A and B

4. Which is the most effective for improving insulin sensitivity

a) Legumes

b) Spirulina

c) Metformin

d) Apple cider vinegar

5. Which statement is true for PCOS women

a) Sleep is important for insulin sensitivity

b) A low-carb diet is recommended

c) All types of sweeteners should be avoided

d) All of the above are true

6. Perimenopause is the time when

a) A woman still functions normally

b) The period has stopped

c) A woman may notice changes in the cycle

d) Progesterone drops

7. During menopause, women will

a) Experience symptoms of hyperthyroidism

b) Stop the progression of NFLAD

c) Have low cortisol during the day and high at night

d) None of the above

8. Osteoporosis may develop in menopausal women because

a) Progesterone is needed for promoting osteoclasts

b) Estrogen interacts with the immune system and regulates osteoclasts

c) Estrogen helps support the production of osteoblasts

d) All of above

9. Some conventional options for menopause

a) An oophorectomy

b) Gabapentin for hot flashes

c) Black cohosh for inflammation

d) All of the above

10. Which is helpful for regulating PG2

a) Vitamin C

b) Vitamin E

c) Maca

d) Schizandra

11. Which of the following is true?

a) All women get depression during menopause

b) All women get hot flashes during menopause

c) An estrogen/progesterone imbalance make menopause symptoms worse

d) Menopause is not a normal occurrence

12. To aid some menopausal symptoms

a) FOS can reduce cortisol levels which can lower symptoms

b) Vitex is known for preventing abdominal weight gain

c) Low histamine has been linked to hot flashes

d) Good gut bacteria levels need to be maintained in the vaginal canal

13. A uterine fibroid is:

a) More receptive to estrogen

b) A mass of skin, hair and tissue

c) Common throughout a woman’s reproductive time

d) Caused by low progesterone

14. Ovarian cyst, fibroid and endometriosis issues all:

a) Benefit from vitex

b) Have a big adrenals and insulin connection

c) Have a big gut and liver connection

d) A and C are correct

e) A and B are correct

15. Endometriosis

a) Is caused by tissue growing outside the uterus

b) Can cause problems with the bladder

c) Can cause issues with the colon

d) All of the above

16. Amenorrhea refers to:

a) Heavy bleeding during the cycle

b) Periods with many symptoms

c) A condition seen sometimes in women with PCOS

d) A condition caused by menstrual cramps

17. UTIs and Vaginitis

a) Is caused by lack of gut bacteria

b) Are estrogen dominant conditions

c) Must be treated with antibiotics first

d) None of the above

18. Which of the following is true?

a) Beta-blockers are used for hypothyroidism

b) Removing the thyroid may reduce thyroid function

c) Hypothyroidism is connected to high blood pressure

d) Hypothyroidism can be linked to hormone problems

19. The cause of Hashimoto’s disease is

a) Exposure to radiation and other toxins

b) Is cause by genetic factors

c) Lack of immune tolerance

d) All of the above

20. Which of the following is helpful for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism?

a) Vitex

b) Plant sterols

c) Radio-active iodine

d) Broccoli