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Welcome to your Healthy Hormone Module 4

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1. Cancer manifests in the body

    a) Because the liver has failed to remove carcinogens

    b) Too many assaults on the body and lack of nutrition to combat them

    c) Immune system fails to remove it

    d) All of the above

2. BRAC-1 and BRAC-2

    a) Are genetic markers for cancer

    b) Are genes linked to cancer

    c) Must be mutated genes to be linked to cancer

    d) All of the above

3. IGF-1 is connected to cancer because:

    a) It is a mutated hormone related to insulin

    b) Is associated with the anabolic process which promotes growth

    c) Is related to stimulating blood glucose levels

    d) None of the above

4. Stress can affect cancer by

    a) Directly interacting with cancer cells

    b) Causing damage to cells that allows them to become cancerous

    c) Increasing immune response that causes it to mutate cells

    d) Decreasing the ATF3 gene

5. Which of the following is true?

    a) Melatonin decreases apoptosis

    b) Hyperthyroidism is linked with decreased risk in cancer

    c) Excess cortisol can be excreted via the lymphatic system

    d) Glutathione S transferase works with glutathione to help the 2-16 OHE ratio

6. Which of the following is true?

    a) Low testosterone is associated with cancer in women but not men

    b) Low PR Beta has been seen with cancer

    c) 4OHE is a key estrogen metabolite associated with cancer

    d) DIM increases 4OHE when not converted by gut bacteria

7. Aromatase activity

    a) Can be limited by taking tamoxifen

    b) Is caused by testosterone being converted to estrogen

    c) Can be decreased by chrysin

    d) None of the above

8. Highest concentration of aromatase is found in

    a) The adrenals

    b) The liver

    c) The fat cells

    d) The gonads

9. Aromatase is increased

    a) By increasing aromatase-promoting activities

    b) By increased action of cytokines

    c) By a B12 deficiency

    d) None of the above

10. Sperm is matured in:

    a) The testes

    b) The scrotum

    c) The vas deferens

    d) The epididymis

11. Which of following is true:

    a) Estrogen is need for the production of sperm

    b) Progesterone decreases GABA production

    c) Follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates testosterone

    d) Luteinizing hormone decreases testosterone

12. Which of the flowing is true?

    a) Testosterone is needed for sexual desire

    b) Dopamine is connected to sexual desire

    c) Prolactin decrease testosterone

    d) All of the above

13. Estrogen dominance in men

    a) Can be prevented by aromatase

    b) Decreases as men age

    c) Can be increased by alcohol

    d) Is a product of the adrenals

14. One cause for adrenal insufficiency is:

    a) Cushing’s Syndrome

    b) Addison ‘s Disease

    c) Indole-3-Carbinoles

    d) None of these are causes

15. Which of the following is true?

    a) Probiotics promote the stress response

    b) Stress lowers good gut bacteria

    c) FOS helps lower cortisol levels

    d) GOS increases depression

16. Which of the following improves immune function:

    a) Ashwagandha

    b) Astragalus

    c) Holy Basil

    d) All of the above

17. Which of the following in known to help with weight loss?

    a) Relora

    b) Schizandra

    c) Licorice

    d) Cordyceps

18. It is important to consider psychospiritual aspects

    a) Because we need to add them to our protocols

    b) Clients will always need this type of work to heal

    c) It is important for us to consider what may be affecting our client’s perspective

    d) It is not important at all

19. Which of the following is a response to loss and feeling deprived?

    a) Fear

    b) Grief

    c) Shame

    d) Criticism

20. Which of the following is true?

    a) Thyroid issues may indicate a person who has had the burdens of their family

    b) Adrenal issues may indicate a person full of anger and hate

    c) A pancreas issue can indicate a person who has a difficulty expressing love

    d) Low estrogen indicates a female who is a follower