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Clients just want to know you understand them. This is what convinces them to give you a chance.

How do you do this? With your words. In a clear, concise and effective manner.

Learning to write is something we all have to do. The good news? You can do it as often as you want and the more your practice, the better you get.

I’m not a natural writer. In fact, I was ridiculed by my fellow wellness colleagues, as I tried to write as part of my work for my professional association. But I did not give up. I learned. I practiced. And I practiced some more. And now? Being able to write is a great gift. I love working with words and I know what to say.

The question for you is: Do you know what to say or how to say it in order to truly engage with people? This is the key so they’ll want to work with you.

I created the Art of Writing Engaging Content because of what my colleagues send me to read. They ask for my input. I find myself correcting what they write but there’s only so much I can do.

I can’t know the stories they have that would express what they are trying to say so much better than what they’re writing.

Instead, I can share a method I’ve developed to show my colleagues exactly how to do this for themselves.

This is powerful.

It’s a skill you must develop and once you have it, writing to promote yourself will not be such a mystery.

There are two things you need to decide in order to engage effectively:

1.     What do you want people to see about you educationally and emotionally?
2.     How do you present this to people so they see themselves in everything you say and do?

This is what I will show you how to do. I designed this program to be short (14 hours of content) and interactive with simple exercises and assignments.

This makes it easy for you to be able to find your stories and tell them effectively. It will serve you well forever, no matter what you choose to do

Program Date: January 17, 27, February 7, and 17, 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST/9:00 am – 12:30 pm PST

Click here to learn more and to register

Sessions will be recorded so no need to worry about missing a session. You can enjoy this as you see fit and learn at your own pace.

Don’t get me wrong – you will have to test out which stories work best for different purposes. But you’re already doing this with no guidance. Or perhaps you’re copying what you think you should write or say.

Either way, this program helps you be more specific and effective.

Upon completion, you’ll understand:

  • What makes a good story for any type of information you want to share
  • How to write different types of stories
  • Why they are the most effective way to connect to your target audience and get them to engage
  • Where and when to use them to get the best results
  • The difference between formal and informal writing that allows you create materials for any business situation

Includes writing tips, handouts, templates and a bonus module on copywriting theory.

I didn’t create this program lightly but I see the frustration many of you are experiencing. I wanted show you one skill that I know can make a difference.

This will open up a world of ideas for you.

You’ll reach more people. And that’s what you need to do for a sustainable business.

Click here to claim your spot

The early bird ends January 14th and your first simple assignment is waiting for you today.

Plus, I have a second opportunity for you – a special workshop:

Publishing A Cookbook: How and Why

February 7 and 24, 12:00 pm – 3:30pm ET/9:00 am – 12:30 pm PT

Whether you want to do one now or in the future, having a cookbook is a powerful tool. It speaks for who you are, in much more depth than an email, social media post or a blog.

And if it’s not a cookbook you want to do, the process I’ll be teaching would work for any kind of book.

In this workshop you, learn:

  • The pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing
  • The right theme and content for what you want to achieve with the book
  • Types of cookbooks and what to choose show your expertise in the best light
  • New marketing opportunities that a book will open up for you
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes and wasting your time

Learning the process now allows you to plan.

Click here to learn more about both options and to register

Whether you do it in writing or with spoken words, you have to find a way to express the real you and what you offer. Improving your writing skills will help you with your speaking skills, too.

We’ve been manipulated by advertising for years. I see it in the words of my colleagues as they try to write what they think they should say.

The writing is either over the top or it falls flat. It often sounds like everyone else or is just poorly written.

We can do better and in doing so, we can have potential clients see they’ve found someone who can help them.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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