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In this webinar, David Price Francis demonstrates how to super-charge your electro-immune system using Integrative Energetics. Integrative Energetics is a new system of energetic understandings and techniques David has developed, exploring the relationship between your electro-immune system and the energy worlds of the planet, and how you can use this relationship to your optimum benefit and for the benefit of your practice.

David is an expert in helping individuals, couples, and groups understand and improve the quality of energetics in their personal lives and relationships, enabling them to achieve greater happiness and success. David uses techniques and strategies that he has developed in private practice working with clients for over thirty-five years.

There are no Pdf slides or reference for this webinar as it based on David’s work.

Astral Light Chart

Books discussed in the webinar:

Partners in Passion by David Price Francis

The Tales of Dr. Woo by David Pracie Francis

Integrative Energetics Program Details

All are available at:

Phone: (646) 737-3470

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