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Chronobiology is the study of rhythms within living organisms. The most well-known of these is the circadian rhythm which operates more or less within a 24-hour cycle impacting issues such as the sleep-wake cycle, mood, digestion, cell production and hormone release. learn how it can change how you approach suggestions for your clients

Cathy Biase is a holistic nutritionist and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto at St. Michael’s College, majoring in Psychology. She is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and received her cancer coaching certification from the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches. Cathy specializes in the functional application of nutrition for root cause health improvement in the area of chronic disease with a focus on cancer care.

Cathy has appeared on television and at speaking engagements educating people on topics such as nutritional support for cancer patients, managing side effects of allopathic cancer care, the Microbiome and its links to health, immune support, improving gut health and cancer coaching. She is the host
of The Health Hub, a radio talk show and podcast covering various aspects of integrative health.
Cathy’s education along with her personal journey through a cancer diagnosis has given her a profound understanding of how vitally important proper Nutrition and Lifestyle are to achieving optimum health

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here is the link for the software to remove blue light form your computer at night as discussed in the webinar: f.lux software


Bedtime Chronotherapy with Conventional Hypertension Medications to Target Increased Asleep Blood Pressure Results in Markedly Better Chronoprevention of Cardiovascular and Other Risks than Customary On-awakening Therapy

Disruption of circadian clock linked to obesity, diabetes and heart attacks

Circadian Rhythm Disturbances in Depression

Dr. Michael Smolensky
The Body Clock Guide to Better Health

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The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
Themost likely time for a bowel movement is:
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