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We are living in uncertain times. If we want to help people as health professionals, we need to see where we can make a difference. But to do that, we have to reach people who will use our services.

The question many of us are asking: What should we be doing to build our businesses and keep them going?

This is tough. I question what I’m doing frequently. But there’s one thing that has made a big difference for me and allowed me to be less dependent on only one source of revenue.

Maybe you’re seeing clients one-on-one or maybe you have an online program. And perhaps you’re struggling trying to find a steady source of clients.

Most of the time, your marketing tasks involves you offering free talks, webinars or gifts. Maybe you spend hours trying to build your name on social media.

It doesn’t matter. It’s a lot of work but it’s something you must do for the long game.

In the meantime, this is what you can do to bring in revenue and attract new clients now.

Host online workshops.

I’ve been hosting workshops online for 8 years. But it was two years ago that I started to see them in a different light. Instead of doing one, once a year, I started doing them every two months. I made them simple and more topic specific.

Now they are part of my regular revenue stream and my clients love them.

Why does online make such a difference?

  • They are inexpensive to host

  • I can tailor the topic to fit what my clients and potential clients need to know

  • And I can keep it simple so they learn something of value that they can use in the life every day. They leave the workshop inspired.

We have to be strategic with our time. Most of us are working by ourselves. We don’t have the luxury or the money to work on things that do not produce results.

Workshops help you see the direct effect of your work and deliver valuable information to help you with your long-term strategy.

And online workshops just make it easier to reach more people.

If you would like to learn more about how you can host online workshops, then join me for Mastering and Marketing Online Workshops. Discover how hosting online workshops can help you can help you attract more clients, have more to offer existing clients and earn more revenue.

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The program will show you how to develop engaging workshop topics, discover your hidden strengths and structure effective events that will attract attendees.

See you online!

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