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The current conventional perspective of total eradication is not the best plan – it’s appears to be throwing out of the baby with the bathwater. In this webinar, we discuss conditions linked to low H. pylori levels, the purpose of this bacteria in our body and the role of other bacteria and hormones to help regulate it

H. Pylori: Good Guy or Bad Guy? Slides PDF

2 Questions were asked during the webinar and here are the answers:

Matula tea for h. pylori: There are no studies for it at this time. However, there are several sites that talk about it being good for H. Pylori as well as Candidiasis. Matula is a combination of five herbs: Oleaceae, Asteraceae, Alliaceae, Fabaceae, Myrtaceae. When I look at the research for each of these herbs, they all appear to have antimicrobial properties especially antibacterial. So it could be helpful.

Hydrogen peroxide for h. pylori: There are no studies about it directly – just anecdotal information. However, in looking at the research for manuka honey and propolis, researchers credit the fact they contain hydrogen peroxide as one of the reasons they inhibit h. pylori.


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1. H. Pylori
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