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Join Lorene Sauro, RHN for an informative webinar discussing the latest research about hormone replacement therapy and the testing methods used to determine hormones levels.

In this webinar you’ll:

  • Learn about new research about HRT, its appropriate use, and what types can be used effectively

  • See a comparison of saliva, blood, and Dutch hormone testing of the same person during the same time period

  • Get clarity about what you can learn and can’t learn from a hormone test

  • Strategies to consider other than HRT and when to use them

  • Learn why it’s important the menopausal women understand the role their hormones need to play for a healthy life

PDF slides


To Obtain The Certificate for CEUs:

Once you have watched the video or listened to the podcast (necessary to be able to get certificate), complete the 3-question quiz to verify listening (the pdf slides can be helpful). The check mark will appear for the quiz when it’s been completed and the “Download Certificate” button will appear at the bottom of the quiz.

Note – In order to have your name and the date on the certificate: You need to click here to register as a userOtherwise, it can downloaded without these. If you are already a user, then login here and click the Inspired Learning Hub Icon. If you have any issue with the certificate, try another browser. Chrome usually works best.</h4


1. Which of the following has shown to increase cancer risk
2. White test is easy to collect
3. In the adrenals, progesterone is made in:
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