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We may not know what we think we know. We are all biochemically different but the truth is we have no idea how much because researchers have not sorted it all out. A new piece of the puzzle has been discovered and it’s going to blow your mind about how unique we are. And, as it happens, it’s about blood sugar, obesity, metabolic syndrome and the gut.

Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and The Role of the Gut Slides PDF

Book discussed in the webinar:

The Personalized Diet by:Eran Segal and Eran Elinav

A question was asked during the webinar about liquid hydrogen peroxide therapy and it’s effects on the gut. There is not a lot of good information or research on using it as a therapy. There are hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacillus strains which inhibit bad bacteria and possibly yeast in the intestinal tract. Therefore, it is possible that oral hydrogen peroxide therapy could help with dysbiosis and Candidiasis. There are certainly recommendations all over the internet that it can. However, I could not find any studies. There were also warnings of the potential damage of the ingestion of too much hydrogen peroxide.


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1. When it comes to weight gain and the gut:
2. The two areas of most concern for Metabolic Syndrome are:
3. Which of the following is true?

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