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People confused about the protocols – why are they so similar? There is a good reason for this which we discuss in this session. However, there are some key differences as to why a client may have one or the other. And something that’s never discussed is what do you do when a client has both? Is this why they are not improving as you might expect?

SIBO vs Candidiasis Slides PDF


To Obtain The Certificate:
1. Click the “Watch The Video” check box, once you have watched the video or listened to the podcast (necessary to be able to get certificate).
2. Complete the 3-question quiz to verify listening (the pdf slides can be helpful). The check mark will appear for the quiz when it’s been¬† completed and the “Download Certificate button will appear at the bottom of the quiz.

Note: In order to have your name and the date on the certificate, you need to click here to register as a user. Otherwise it can be downloaded without these. if you are already a user, then login here and click the Inspired Learning Hub icon.

Watch The Video
Complete The Quiz
1. SIBO is:
2. A cause of SIBO and Candidiasis is:
3. Which of following is true?

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