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Think about this: Some people think the mouth is a means to an end – stuff the food in and forget about it.

Little do they know, not only is the mouth the beginning of their health story, it’s also a major connection to the brain.

It makes sense that we need to understand how the mouth connects to the whole body and what it means for our overall health and the health conditions we may develop.

We discussed:

  • The latest information about connections of the mouth microbiome to other health conditions
  • The leaky mouth connection and what it means
  • The gut connection and how the mouth affects the gut
  • Simple strategies to improve the mouth microbiome

Everything is connected and we have to create protocols that are based on this reality.

PDF Slides For The Presentation


To Obtain The Certificate for CEUs:

Once you have watched the video or listened to the podcast (necessary to be able to get certificate), complete the 3-question quiz to verify listening (the pdf slides can be helpful). The check mark will appear for the quiz when it’s been completed and the “Download Certificate” button will appear at the bottom of the quiz.

Note – In order to have your name and the date on the certificate: You need to click here to register as a userOtherwise, it can downloaded without these. If you are already a user, then login here and click the Inspired Learning Hub Icon. If you have any issue with the certificate, try another browser. Chrome usually works best.


1. What percentage of mouth bacteria overlaps with gut bacteria
2, Which of the following is a keystone bacteria
3. Which of the following has been shown to inhibit C. Albicans?

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