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Why do some clients change their habits while others struggle? And what about you – do you find it difficult to follow through on your actions? The neuroscience of the brain offers us answers that can help everyone achieve their goals.

Join me for fascinating information that will change how you present suggestions to clients. It’ll help you re-think what it means to make recommendations and how change happens.

In this webinar, we’ll discussed:

  • Why change behavior isn’t as simple as making a decision to do so

  • Where different types of decisions are made in the brain

  • How neuroplasticity can help or hinder brain decisions

  • What we need to do to aid the brain to make changes successfully

Our emotions and beliefs will affect our decision-making process, too. They are connected to the chemistry of the brain and inhibit new behaviors. Find out what this means and what we can do.

This affects all of us, not just clients. Discover what you can do to assist the brain and help clients. And help yourself create new behaviors to better achieve goals when you find yourself struggling.

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1. Repeated activities activate the:
2. Moving a brain function from one area of the brain to another is known as:
3. Which is a function of BDNF?

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