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Welcome to the Inspired Learning Hub. New live educational webinars are held every month and includes the latest issues, research and practical protocol information for holistic nutrition professionals, health coaches and other interested wellness professionals. Each one is complete with video and audio recordings, PDF slides, references and a certificate for upgrading CEUs (a short 3-question quiz must be completed to verify listening). Enjoy! Sign-up to receive notification for new webinars

From Psychological Pain to Spiritual Happiness

Discover the 9 Prime Causes of Psychological Pain and How to Heal Them. In this webinar, David Price Francis defines the 9 major causes of psychological pain He focuses on the Fragmented Syndrome, the Overwhelmed Syndrome and their remedies and discussing the...

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Why Don’t Clients Know They Are Stressed?

We’ve all had them – the clients who symptoms and health issues indicate stress is a factor. Often it is the key factor – the one that needs addressing. But the client doesn’t think they are stressed. Have you wondered why? Join me for an educational webinar on all...

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Exercise and The Gut

The research shows that exercise by itself has an effect on gut bacteria, meaning that exercise has a beneficial role to play in a gut health protocol.Not only does exercise help bacteria but it improves gut function as well. Listen to the discussion to learn more....

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Partner Marketing For Growing Your Practice

Are you overwhelmed by online marketing? Do you long for some good old-school techniques to attract clients and grow your business. Join Lorene and Trish for an informative disucssion that will provide more options and ideas for marketing your business. PDF Slides for...

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Going Beyond Food Fad-ism

   It's not the food - it's the meal. We all want the best from our diet and we want to help our clients find the best foods for them. But how we grow and prepare the foods is as important a conversation as discussing the foods themselves. Our...

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Boosting The Electro-Immune System

In this webinar, David Price Francis demonstrates how to super-charge your electro-immune system using Integrative Energetics. Integrative Energetics is a new system of energetic understandings and techniques David has developed, exploring the...

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H. Pylori: Good Guy Or Bad Guy?

 The current conventional perspective of total eradication is not the best plan - it's appears to be throwing out of the baby with the bathwater. In this webinar, we discuss conditions linked to low H. pylori levels, the purpose of this bacteria in our...

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Metabolic Syndrome & The Role of the Gut

We may not know what we think we know. We are all biochemically different but the truth is we have no idea how much because researchers have not sorted it all out. A new piece of the puzzle has been discovered and it's going to blow your mind about how...

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Thyroid-Gut Connection and The Food Myths

Too many good quality foods are being removed by many practitioners for the sake of improving thyroid function. What does the research say about these foods and do they need to be removed? We will discuss what all these practitioners do not know, why...

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Countering Client’s Nutrition Beleifs

We discuss how we can effectively move clients is a different direction when their food beliefs may not be their best health interests. There is a lot of misinformation circulating and many clients do not understand that a lot of what they hear is not...

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The Truth About IgG Testing

 Why am I doing this? It is for all the people out there whose lives are being made miserable as the result of IgG testing. Why are they miserable? Because they think the test results are a fact - that the foods indicated are really the cause of their...

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New Brain-Gut Connections

Brain-gut information has implications for so many conditions beyond those that affect the brain and nervous system. We reviewi the connections and discussing the new research that make this something you'll want to to consider when planning your...

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SIBO vs Candidiasis

People confused about the protocols - why are they so similar? There is a good reason for this which we discuss in this session. However, there are some key differences as to why a client may have one or the other. And something that's never discussed is...

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Understanding The Mouth Microbiome

It is quite interesting how gut issues and mouth issues overlap and this is definitely an area we need to consider to help clients. Especially if we want to help them with their gut and help prevent other health issues from developing. This is information...

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The Truth About Birth Control

There was very little research before women were prescribed birth control pills or HRT. That was 50+ years ago. The list of conditions connected to the use of these medications (and that is what they are) is growing. New understanding about estrogen and...

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